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Muggy of Higgs Village
• 10/13/2017

Life of a bllodwrom story 3: Muggy

As the bllodwroms were venturing across the wasteland, they came across an ominous satellite, we touched it and we were sent all the way into a strange land that had a robot telling us to stay away, pretty stupid robot if you ask me, he thought I was a penis, idiot. Since we were bllodwroms he thought we were just big penises. We felt surprisingly pacified, it was like a sensation of excitement going down my legs. Never mind, that was just piss going down my leg.
After hours of increasingly boring discussion, I felt like I was talking to my girlfriend, so I left and went to the other room, we were asked if we could deposit our seed. As we walked to our first location we came across schematics that imputed personalities into certain machines, I found a toaster schematic, I was disappointed when I found out it wasn’t just a create your own synth kit.
So, when I opened the box and made the schematics, I was confused, at that moment I was basically every 8 year old trying to build the LEGO Death Star. The toaster said that it would get world domination and burn the world. We called the toaster Napoleon because it was tiny but wanted to conquer the world.
We also saw a very interesting little robot that resembled a small securitron. He asked if we had the good stuff, we said that we couldn’t afford drugs anymore after we spent all of our money betting that the Cleveland Browns would win the Super Bowl. He said that he meant if we had mugs.
We asked if that was some kind of prison lingo. He said he needs our mugs, we have him our mugs and asked what he was going to use them for. The last we heard was some loud noises and clanging sounds coming from a mug coming from under the bed. Yeah, he was grinding down the mugs and turning them into scrap you perverts. We slept there that night, it was loud outside the sink, it was like Kim Jong Un rained missiles on the land.

This is a fanfiction from the Fallout Wikia, This same exact story you just read is on the Fallout Wikia right now. I published it here because it was related to Muggy.
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Muggy of Higgs Village
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